Saturday, 18 May 2013

too warm for gloves?

Well most of the time it really is rather too warm for gloves, but they have other uses...!

glove dog
There are lots of other creatures I want to try, but this one is for a baby, so no odd bits of woolly manes or button eyes; entirely chewable (and washable!).

In the garden the gales have decimated the blossom on the cherry tree, but that gives the apple trees and choisya their chance to shine. I don't think I am the only one appreciating them either...bzzzzzz.

bees in the apple blossom

a Bath garden in May
 Lovely walks with George along the canal too.


  1. Both dogs are equally lovely - although I suspect that George isn't very chewable!

    ...and I wouldn't chew on the bees either, but the photos are beautiful!

    1. George is definitely not chewable.

      I did discover why he pulls to go to the cafe in the park, even when we have had a two hour walk along the canal...he used to belong to our friend's dad and he took him to the cafe when he walked him. I walked in and the owner called out "It's George!". He really is a local celebrity.