Sunday, 19 May 2013

all dressed in white

This year we managed to get to Lacock in the few weeks when it is entirely dressed in white. The terrible Winter has meant everything is a little later this year, but oh so worth the wait!

Lacock Abbey in May

Lacock Abbey

The orchard had hints of fairyland about it.

Lacock Abbey orchard

It wasn't all white - the walled garden was a mass of colour!

Lacock colour

The hot house had some very exotic species...

cat in the greenhouse
And Mark showed off his croquet skills.

anyone for croquet?

We also went inside the house. Mark rather took to being a country gentleman, while I seemed more at home as a rosy cheeked scullery maid!

Lacock Abbey

Now this is where I could see myself taking afternoon tea (but instead we went to St John's Hunting Lodge for warm cinnamon lumbs and Margaret's tea).

tea in the withdrawing room

Back outside there was a display of falconry....such beautiful birds.


Today we are heading to the American Museum, so brace yourself for even more photos!


  1. I am not bracing myself, I am looking forward to them!

    ... and we really, really MUST visit Lacock in August, you do realise that? You cannot just publish photos like these and not take us there ;-)

    (the glasses and the jug (?) are wonderful - do you think they would be missed if I discreetly "borrowed" them and brought them back to Sweden?)

    1. I do PROMISE I will take you to Lacock - in fact there was even cricket on the village green this weekend.

      As for the glasses, if I cause a distraction, how fast can you run?