Sunday, 12 May 2013

faces from the past

My stepmother gave me a bundle of old photos my dad had kept; fond memories and faces of family members some of whom I never even met. I love the way these photos capture the times in which they were taken.

my dad, aged 3

my great aunt Betty, grandmother, grandfather  (my dad in his arms) and great aunt Helen

my dad

family picnic at Burnham on Sea

my great grandmother

my great grandmother, great great grandmother, grandmother and my dad

 My mum still mentions the parties she had on her family's house boat - telling me they never got too drunk because they lined their stomachs with milk! My mum is the one on the left laughing and my dad is standing (in the rather unnecessary seafaring outfit).

boat party

My dad smoking a pipe (my mum made him give up smoking before she would marry him), a family friend and my grandmother looking as I have never seen her before!

Christmas 1951

My dad used to tell me stories about growing up with his twin sisters and the tricks her played on them.

dad with his sisters and my grandmother

on the beach
my mum

Then there is my generation capturing the 1960s and 1970s.

my sisters and cousin


my sisters and me at my birthday party

me...butter wouldn't melt!


  1. Love your photos - they reminds me of the ones I have from my childhood!

  2. Photos are such a joy to have - and speaking of joy, your father seems to have been a very happy person!

    1. He does seem to have been a happy little boy.

  3. What a lovely post :) Old photos such as these hold such precious traces of our past.

    1. Actually Annie, it was some of the old photos you use from time to time in your blog that inspired me.