Monday, 6 May 2013

days of sunshine

Look, I'm sorry...there have just been too many months of grey dreariness for me not to go out with my camera now the land is drenched in golden sunlight. I can already hear the murmurs of "not more gardens", but you'll be glad of it when it rains from June to October!

I know am a bit obsessed with our cherry blossom and the primroses that pop up in the lawn alongside the violets...but that's just the way it is.

garden blossom
Max seems to be somewhat in love with the garden just now too...

Every year I try to catch the grounds and orchard at Lacock Abbey when the apple trees are in blossom and the wild garlic is in flower and the paths are lined with fields of Queen Anne's Lace. Last year we missed it - there is really only a week or two when the gardens look like the setting for a celebrity wedding - and we are determined to catch it this year. This weekend there are hints of white, but it is still mainly vibrant green, so we will just have to go back next weekend!

The village car park was crammed full, but magically the grounds simply absorb people, so it is stays calm and peaceful. Mind you the Marshfield Farm ice cream place had completely sold out...ppfffhh!

Lacock pond

Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey gardens

Lacock walled garden tulips
I cannot promise not to take more garden photos this week, but next week there will at least be sewing too!


  1. It's all right, Sue, I understand. Wonderful pictures. May is such a beautiful month. This lack of cloud has been sending me quite heady and delirious, so much so I have been madly ripping up the nettles that took over last year.

    Do Marshfield do pilchard flavour for the gulls?


    1. Hi Muv - it is a beautiful month, and you are putting me to shame with your weeding!

      D'you know, I haven't seen that flavour - but I don't think the gulls are all that picky. ;-)

  2. There simply cannot be too many garden photos - especially not when they are as lovely as these. Wonderful! (and I am so much looking forward to seeing Lacock!)

    1. I was planning bits of your visit with Mark this week...Lacock on a week day, so we can be sure to find a seat in Margaret's tea garden (King John's Hunting Lodge).

  3. Beautiful images Sue.

    I used to love visiting Laycock Abbey when my parents lived in Melksham, goodness knows when I'll get back there now!

    1. Thanks Annie.

      If you do make it to Lacock, give me a shout.