Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Not a lot of blogging...or sewing, for that matter!

This is in way of an apology for not having updated my blog in a while. The decorating continues and I have had no time for sewing or photography or anything I think might be of interest. I won't bore you with photos of the kitchen, as I have only painted the walls white (rather than dark terracotta wallpaper) - I say only, but stripping wallpaper, sanding etc is really hard work; particularly when one's arms are just a few centimetres too short to reach over the top of the kitchen cupboards.

I have, however, been something of a style icon while carrying out all this work - classy knee pads (a gift from Mark, who is no doubt fed up with my whinging about my dodgy old knees)

painting/gardening knee pads

...and paint in my hair.

white emulsion in my hair
Not to mention a lack of makeup (not that you'd see it under that layer of dust).

I have, however, made a new friend. Meet George; we go for a walk together once a week when his mum is at work. He is such a sweet natured dog, but he did try it on during our first walk when he tried very hard to persuade me that he had little legs and couldn't walk very far or up steep hills. He also seemed more keen to sit in the cafe in the park, rather than walk. I do understand the inclination, but walking is what we have to do!


We have had some lovely sunshine, although it is grey and drizzly now, so here is a pretty display of flowers on my stepmother's windowsill to celebrate the first hints of Spring.
Spring flowers


  1. Little George is sooo cute! And I do like your green knee pads, they must make your job so much easier.

  2. I agree with Annika; George is g(e)orgeous!