Sunday, 24 February 2013

The everyday tale (tail?) of cats

I often sneak in to my blog updates a few photos of our two cats, Max and Rio...some may call it padding, but I like to think of it as legitimate distraction from the things I should be getting on with. Our cats are brothers from the same litter. They were part feral and Mark took them in when they were very young kittens. They were quite poorly and the vet wasn't sure they would survive, but with Mark's love and care they both thrived.

When Mark started seeing me, quite a lot of years ago now, they instantly accepted me. Rio sat demurely on my lap and let me stroke him and Max draped himself brazenly across my chest in a frankly floozy like way. Now I am their first port of call for food, being let out first thing in the morning (we keep them in over night) and generally to pander to their every whim.

In return, both cats like to help me with my work. Rio takes responsibility for communications:

Rio attempts to contact other types of life
Max is in charge of packaging; checking boxes personally for size and quality:

Max tests cardboard boxes
...and when I try to sew, they make sure I do not want for company:

cats at work

purry snores abound
With support like this, surely it will be no problem making my business a success!


  1. Looks like you have an ace team to me!

    1. Definitely - although they do struggle with the sewing; it's the paws you know - not designed for working with a needle and thread.