Saturday, 16 February 2013

I do believe in fairies...I do, I do!

A quiet week - still a bit croaky and wheezy but getting better. Decided a bit of fresh air might help the healing process so Mark and I set out to see the new sculpture trail at Lacock Abbey. A series of wire mesh fairies and dragons and the like. There were clearly a lot of visitors making the most of some hazy sunshine, but Lacock is one of those magical places that can absorb a crowd without feeling crowded. Just as well, as I am not good among crowds (unless they are the host of golden daffodil type when wandering lonely as a cloud).

As we walked through the wooded gardens we came across a number of timid fairies; some resting on tree stumps and others floating amid the trees. I really like the way you can see through the figures - makes them all the more other-worldly.

fairy at Lacock Abbey

Lacock sculpture trail 

a fairy holding a!

As we followed the path, we came across a rather splendid dragon...I could definitely imagine having one of these in our garden!

here there be dragons

In the centre of the cloisters there was even a unicorn!


 Now, I get the mythical creatures and the figure reading and the monk...after all it is an abbey...

lost in a good book

ghostly monk

...but a motorbike??? Huh?!!

a motorbike?!

However, it was a lovely day for a walk and the woods were showing hints of Spring.

snowdrops and sunshine



woodland stepping stones

umbrella of light

pond life

woodland walk at Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey gardens

snowdrops and crocus

I have been grumpy all week, but a splash of sunshine, some fresh air, trees, snowdrops and a fairy or two turned me almost human again. Tomorrow we are going to Westonbirt Arboretum for some more of the same medicine (although the fairies there are somewhat better hidden!).


  1. Oh, those fairies are soo beautiful! And the springflowers.... wish they were here as well!

    1. It is nice seeing the Spring bulbs. My mum used to recite a poem to me about February's snowdrops:

      Deep sleeps the Winter,
      Cold, wet and grey
      Surely all the world is dead
      Spring is far away
      But wait!
      The world is not dead
      For lo, the fair maids of February
      Stand in the snow

    2. Alas, in February in Sweden the fair maids are fast asleep... :-)

      What a lovely exhibition!

    3. Well wake up those maids, dear Irene, wake them up! ;-)

      Just think though, when our bulbs are over and just a mess of straggly leaves, yours will be at their best.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and saw your post on the sculpture trail at Lacock Abbey. We went this time last year and not only was the abbey fascinating and the gardens so pretty (it was actually a bit later so the crocus were out in full force) but these sculptures just captivated me. They are beautiful
    Well I hope you dont mind me stopping by to say hello!

    1. Mind? On the contrary, I am delighted you stopped by to say hello - when blogging, I often suspect I am talking to myself (which is of course the first sign of madness!), and I really appreciate comments.

      Lacock Abbey is one of my favourite places to go and I love to see the seasons change in the gardens and to check out the latest exhibitions. I am very fortunate that it is only a 20 minute drive from home.