Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope you are having a nice Easter break. Plenty of sunshine (and chocolate). A double celebration for me as it was my last day at work on Wednesday. I was prepared to be a bit emotional, leaving after 16 years, but so many people left this week, I think it was probably more strange for the few who stayed on. My team of four went out for lunch on Monday - my boss's treat - and Pauline and I were each given a bouquet of flowers and a card. I hadn't expected anything as so many have been made redundant already; it was very generous of the two staying on in my team. I also came home to find a parcel - a lucky cat teapot!

'sorry you're leaving' flowers and lucky cat tea pot

I do think the stress/excitement must have got to me a little, as I woke up this morning (Sunday) realising that I forgot to go to the WI craft evening on Thursday night!

Mark and I have been out to order fence panels and raised beds and planters for the garden, and we have stripped the wallpaper in the dining room and taken up the carpet - leaving the underlay to protect the original 1930s parquet flooring while I paint the room this coming week. I am hopeful that by next weekend I will be able to share photos of my new work room/dining room.

We did take a couple of hours out to help a friend affix a decal to her wall - aided and abetted by her two bengal cats!

furry helpers

 We had been invited to my sister's house for lunch today, and I fully expected to be able to wow you with photos of her very grand house and gardens, and maybe even an Easter egg hunt, but she has a bad cold and has cancelled. Not wishing to waste the sunshine, Mark and I went to Westonbirt for a spot of exercise and fresh air. It is still cold (my friend Karen reckons we are actually living in Narnia - land of endless Winter), but the sunshine was very welcome. We went to the Silk Wood for a change (and the chance to cuddle a dog or too, as there are always loads being walked there), and discovered some unusual carvings.

carving at Westonbirt Arboretum
Westonbirt Arboretum

strange carving in the woods

Lastly I just want to mention my dad. He died 11 years ago today, it was an Easter Sunday that day too and the day after his 67th birthday. Amongst other things, he is my excuse for my love of ice cream - it's not my fault; it's in my genes!


  1. First; congratulations on your new life in freedom! I am really very happy for you!

    I am looking forward to seeing photos of your work room, it must be wonderful to have a creative space of your own.

    There is no need for an excuse to love ice cream, how can you not! I am very partial to ice cream myself, but I try not to indulge myself too often...

    Your dad was far too young when he died, but I know that you have many fond memories of him - and just look what a charming daughter he had!

    We have sun (and some chocolates too!) - it's been a good Easter.

    1. Thank you Irene! Glad you had a good Easter.

      I ache all over from decorating, but I am so pleased with the results. I just need to treat the parquet floor with a little linseed oil, put together another Billy bookcase and put all the books and fabric back...and then I will take photos!

      There is lime and coconut ice cream in the freezer, but I am not allowing myself any until Saturday...all things in moderation.

  2. I'll second the congratulations. I daren't second the request for photos of your work room as I keep failing to post photos of my own ... my excuse is that it's not quite finished.

    So sorry to read you lost your Dad when he was no great age x

    1. Annie - I am looking forward to seeing your work room!! I hope to post photos of mine on Sunday...maybe Monday.

      As Irene says I have a lot of happy memories of my dad, and next weekend I am abandoning my beloved to spend a weekend in London with my stepmother, which usually involves giggling over a glass of wine (or two) as we remember all the good times.