Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Celebrations

Nothing to report on crafting or cooking - I have had a week off and been very lazy. Mark and I did walk in to Bath yesterday and popped in to Fabric Mills on the way. At the end of last year we bought new sofas and, although we have managed reasonably well to keep Rio from scratching the arms, there are a few small pulled threads, so we bought some hard-wearing grey fabric, to match the sofas, and I am going to make covers for the arms, so the sofas should not be permanently damaged by cat claws.

Christmas Day Celebrations

On Christmas morning Mark and I had coffee and panettone and opened our presents before heading over to Mark's parents' house, the other side of Bath. Amongst many very nice things, I was given a lovely pair of earrings from Skånekraft. This is one of my favourite shops in Lund, and not only was it a lovely present for me...Rio really liked the ribbons used to decorate the wrapping too!

Rio enjoys posh Swedish gift wrapping

We usually alternate Christmas Day between Mark's family and mine, and this year it was Mark's family's turn. His brother comes up from London to join the fun and this year he brought his friend and her two young daughters with him. Two lovely little girls who really added to the Christmas spirit.

Solveig keeps her mum company (and avoids the scary strangers!)

Mark's brother took a seat in the 'circle' as we watched Disney's Robin Hood - it's only a wee small house.

Elias sitting in the 'circle'

 Little Elise set the table with her homemade napkin rings...a woman after my own heart (and only 6 years old).

Elise's table decorations

After lunch we sang 'the twelve days of Christmas' and Elise taught us all the actions!

five G O L D rings!

...three French hens...

Elise's main present was a party dress; a perfect little princess!

Elise's party dress

And the present opening carried on. As well as my new work chair and lamp, Mark surprised me with a bottle of Marc Jacob's 'Daisy' eau de parfum! My favourite!

Alice, Solveig and Elise opening presents

Mark's mum

Then it was time for party games - pin the tail on the donkey (there was pin the nose on the reindeer on the other side!)
Elise pins the tail on the donkey

Mark is blind-folded for his turn to pin the tail on the donkey

Elise spins round her mother

Solveig's turn

Elise cheers on her mum

even Mark's dad doesn't escape

After pin the tail on the donkey we had pass the parcel and a lucky dip - I won a spinning top! - and all too soon it was time to go home and feed the cats. It's almost all over now for another year - just a quiet New Year's Eve with Mark, me and a Chinese take-away left to come.


  1. I must say that that is one gorgeous dress! Elise looks really lovely in it!

    You certainly seem to have had a really nice Christmas Day.

    1. I would have loved a dress like that when I was her age!

      It was a lovely day, thanks.