Sunday, 18 November 2012

More cats than crafts...

The Tea House Emporium, Bath

I am going to start with one of my favourite subjects; tea shops. Well, just one actually - the Tea House Emporium in Bath. I first visited this tea shop the week it's cellar tea room opened and I have been steadily working my way through the extensive selection of teas (and coffees) ever since. It has Moroccan style lanterns, displays of tea pots I can only dream of owning, wonderful staff and amazing cakes (honey layer cake...mmmmm!). This visit I had a pot of green chai - the tea pot and cup are always chosen to complement the tea ordered and are brought to the table along with a timer set for the perfect infusion, so when the timer goes off you can take out the filter with the tea leaves so it doesn't stew. Some of their teas open up in hot water to look like exotic flowers, and these are served in glass tea pots, so they can be admired. I mentioned to the waitress on Thursday that I had n't been sure I liked green tea because it is often too bitter and she took the time to explain that the water must not be boiling, or it will release too much tannin, and then let me sniff canisters of different green teas. I tell you, this place is a tea-lover's dream!

Note the Christmas stockings hung by the chimney with care...

Bath Tea House Emporium

Bath Tea House Emporium

A sea of golden leaves

We have a beautiful sycamore tree in our garden. In the Summer it provides welcome shade and in the Autumn it turns golden. Unfortunately, every time we clear up the leaves, within a couple of days the lawn is covered again.

sycamore leaves in the garden
They do look lovely though - and Rio the cat loves them! He dives in to them and chases the leaves around the garden...

..and Max just watches, superciliously.

Max the (smug) cat

On Friday I cleared up as many leaves as would fit in our green bin and left the others in tidy piles around the garden. Or at least tidy for now until Rio gets his paws in to them...!

our garden in Bath
This morning it was wonderfully frosty, so I was out there with my camera. This blog is a perfect excuse to take loads of 'public' needs to see frosty leaves! tee hee.

frosty Autumn leaves

frosty clematis
frosty sycamore leaves

Christmas preparations

Yes, I know it's early but it is easier to wrap presents now than risk Mark or his parents stumbling across things for them. The cats had other ideas...

Rio the cat in the way
Rio the cat tries his paw at gift wrapping
cat at work
cat complaining when the ribbon is taken away
And - as usual - Max sleeps through (and on) it all!

Max asleep on wrapping paper

More cats: Leo and Tiberius

Last year we gave our friend Lesley a copy of our Max and Rio calendar, and she asked if we would go over so I could take photos of her beautiful bengal cats for this year's calendar. Leo just wanted to be fussed and stroked rather than have his photo taken, while his brother posed shamelessly for the camera.

Leo contemplates tea time
Ti poses on the car roof
ooh I recognise those eyes...keeping fingers clear of the claws!
we can see you!
lovely Leo

Ti shows what he can do
amazing jumping cat!

Hyacinth cam: day 8

I confess I started last week's hyacinth cam as a bit of a joke, but I am finding myself fascinated by the speed of its growth. Look!!


  1. Oh dear, such gorgeous cats! Bengal cats are so beautiful. (Of course, our plain cats are cute too, but Bengals are really cool).

    I wonder, are you perhaps a local expert on tea? That will come in handy in March!

    1. Bengals are lovely - and so soft to cuddle.

      Our only problem in March will be narrowing down the choice of tea shops!