Sunday, 23 September 2012

Brief encounter

This week's blog entry is a bit on the brief side. Mark and I are in West Bay for a week and I am busy doing stuff rather than writing about stuff. Actually the title of the entry has a double meaning as Mark discovered when we unpacked yesterday that he had forgotten to pack any socks or pants (that's underpants to my US friends). It turned out for the best though as it meant we had to go to Dorchester so he could stock up with Marks and Spencers briefs (jersey boxers actually, but I think a little poetic licence is allowed). It's a very wet and rainy day and without the need to purchase underwear, we may have been tempted to veg in front of a few DVDs. Dorchester was much nicer than I remember and we popped in to the Oak Tea Rooms (very old building with original oak panelling around the room) for a toasted tea cake - all very nice except for the plastic table-cloths!

We did a bit of shopping...I bought a couple of tops and a scarf in Fat Face, where Mark also bought a top...and treated me to two pairs of warm and fluffy socks, which are much needed on a cold rainy day like today (I am so glad it was better last weekend for my friend Liz's wedding!). We also picked up some necessities, like Lady Grey tea and magazines.

cosy, fluffy socks

We weren't sure we would get away yesterday as Max the cat has had a urinary infection. However, he has responded well to the medication and Mark's parents are staying at our house while we're away, so can keep an eye on him (and spoil him and his brother something rotten).

It was quite sunny when we arrived yesterday. We got here just in time for afternoon tea; a bit of a shame not to have more of the only sunny day here, but I couldn't justify missing two choir rehearsals, so we packed the car up ready and Mark picked me up from (a very good) rehearsal - I still can't get Finzi's In Terra Pax out of my head. Mark had not been to Sladers Yard before, so it seemed only right to pop in to look at the gallery and indulge in a pot of tea and a piece of yummy orange drizzle polenta cake.

tea and cake at Sladers Yard

We have booked for a (very) late Sunday lunch at the Haddon House Hotel this's a lovely, slightly old fashioned place...and the rest of the week we will make up as we go along.

Last weekend we went to see my mum, who lives near Chepstow. I thought you might like to witness her extensive collection of bird feeders. 

Mum's back garden bird feeders
 It's not just the birds who appreciate the food Mum puts out!

squirrel on Mum's front garden bird feeders

Hopefully it won't rain all week and I will have more to share next Sunday!


  1. Aha! I seem to remember Sladers Yard and a delicious Dorset Apple Cake... happy memories!

  2. Yes - I do recall we went there and you had some apple cake with your clotted cream! Happy memories indeed. It's funny how I associate the gallery at Sladers Yard with my artist friend Helen, and I associate the cafe with you!