Sunday, 26 August 2012

Gorgeous grow-house

To be honest, I really don't have a lot to say this week. The only sewing I have done is to mend things, which doesn't make for very interesting photos. Until today the weather's been a bit iffy so, even though I did have a nice visit to the the American Museum at Claverton yesterday, it was too wet to walk around the arboretum, and photography is not allowed in the house or exhibition (some great American photography on show there at the moment).

Even the cats seem to be bored by the constant rain:

Max the cat shelters from the rain
Quite a few years ago Mark promised me a greenhouse. I still do not have a greenhouse, but Mark did buy me a grow-house (cross between a mini greenhouse and a cold-frame). As it was dry - and even sunny - today, we put it together:

I am very pleased with it, and am looking forward to planning some changes to the garden and the seeds I will grow in the Spring. Mind you, it looks as though I may have to fight Mark's dad for space in the grow-house, as he seems very keen to use it for his beans and lettuce...the cheek of it!

I am still enjoying trying out the Hairy Dieters' low-calorie recipes; lamb kebabs this evening...and yesterday's quiche was far nicer than the usual heavy quiche. What's more, in just a week I have lost 4.1 kg (about 9 pounds - I prefer to weigh myself in kg, as the numbers seem less real!). Mark has lost about the same. Our goal is to lose 1 kg a week, but it is nice to have a good start. Tomorrow though, we have booked to have dinner at The Circus Restaurant in Bath, and I suspect the meal may not be terribly low-calorie...! It's ok for Mark, as he doesn't have a sweet tooth, but I can't stop thinking about the "Whim Wham" on the Circus' menus - 18th century recipe for trifle: ratafia biscuits soaked in Muscatel wine, fresh apricot purée, orange flower custard and lemon syllabub! Oh my!

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  1. I do like the look of that greenhouse - and of the Circus menu :-)

    Hope you had a lovely meal!