Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee weekend

I have been resisting the diamond jubilee fever that has been sweeping the country, but last week I came back from lunch to find a union jack flag stuck in my desk, and I guess some of Rob's enthusiasm has rubbed off on me (Rob bought the flags). I was up early today baking bbq chicken and a sponge cake for our street party tomorrow. I got a bit carried away decorating it (must add red edible glitter to my shopping list!)

It's a basic vanilla sponge with cherry jam and buttercream in the middle, covered in fondant icing and painted with food colourings...and edible glitter. I really LOVE edible glitter; surely everything is improved with a bit of sparkle!

I have managed some sewing this week, between gardening, housework and choir. I used to think I liked Bach, but after Saturday's rehearsal I'm not so sure. We are working towards a workshop weekend singing St John's Passion and it's really hard work. I play the guitar and recorder and can read music, but I taught myself so my sight-reading is a bit iffy and my music theory Add to that a distinct lack of natural rhythm and timing, and it's amazing they let me sing at all! But I digress, as I said I have done a little sewing. I have finished Ellen Mouse version 2 - I want to change the shape of her ears (more round, less like elephant's ears) and move the position of her legs a little, but I think she is just about ready to go in to production:

I want to try some other clothes combinations. If I can make sure the mice are all the same size, I could make changes of clothes for them, which would be fun to do...and once the mice are on course, i think I may try making a rabbit too.

Max was very interested in the little mouse, but luckily Ellen Mouse escaped unscathed!

 My other project this week has been butterflies. I had it in mind it would dead easy to quilt a little butterfly to display in a small box frame, but it has been really fiddly to make something so small remain delicate. I think I have worked it out, and have been staining frames today, but you'll have to wait until next week for the finished piece! Who knows I may even have another quilt square too.


  1. Such a cute little bag! It's just wonderful!

    I see a whole array of product together with Ellen Mouse: cradle (for Ellen's babies), bed, bike, a small house cat (wouldn´t it be funny if Ellen Mouse had a small pet: a cat?!) and so on!

    1. I have been contemplating a wardrobe for Ellen Mouse...pyjamas and wet weather gear. I love the idea of a pet cat and find myself wondering how difficult needle-felting might be in order to make one!

  2. I believe that Ellen Mouse is a very brave little lady, who is not afraid at all of cats. Just look how calmly she returns Max' stare!

  3. Ellen is indeed a fearless mouse - she stands up to Max far better than the butterflies do. I do have catnip cat toys on my to make list, and I had better get on with it as yesterday Max proudly brought in a poor little gråsparv (house sparrow?) he had killed.